Drinkaware at Work: e-learning

Online e-Learning modules delivering everything your employees need to know about alcohol.

The Drinkaware at Work e-learning course teaches employees about the effects of alcohol in their own time, at their own pace. Our three bite-sized modules feature videos, quizzes and a certificate on completion, delivering the facts about alcohol in an engaging, empowering way.

Benefits to your workforce

Easy-to-use, fun and interactive, the e-learning modules will ensure that each staff member has:

  • A good understanding of alcohol and its related harm

  • Been tested on their understanding as they pass through each module

  • Attained an 80% pass mark for each module and received a certificate to document their achievement

Drinkaware at Work e-learning can be provided on its own or as an accompaniment to our Everything you need to know about alcohol group sessions.

Who is this for?

Flexible, accessible and practical, our e-learning is particularly relevant for:

  • Businesses passionate about improving the safety, productivity and overall health and wellbeing of their workforce.

  • Companies with field workers or staff located in various locations across the UK.

  • Organisations who provide or want to provide access to online learning and development – e-learning can be integrated with existing Learning Management Platforms (LMS), or hosted by Drinkaware for companies without an LMS.

What participants have said 

An informative and well-presented online
course delivering good learning value
for target audience

Bookings and enquiries

Get in touch with the team and we'll be happy to discuss your needs:

Email DAW@drinkaware.co.uk

Call 0207 7669908

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