Associated risks of underage drinking campaign

Parents are being encouraged to know the full extent of risks linked to underage drinking, so that they can have more informed conversations with their child about alcohol.

To help tackle the harm associated with underage drinking, our campaign focuses on the pivotal role parents have in influencing the relationship their child develops with alcohol. Through parents, we want to help young people develop a healthy attitude to alcohol and its use, which in turn will help protect them from alcohol-related harm.

The campaign aims to raise awareness amongst parents of the risky behaviours associated with drinking underage to enable them to have more effective conversations with their children about alcohol. The campaign is underpinned by the line: “It’s easier to have the chat if you have the facts”.

Learn more about underage drinking 

Parents will be encouraged to visit the new Underage Drinking section of our website where they will find medically approved information about the risks, tools, video resources, facts and guides on how to have a conversation with their child about alcohol. The website content has been developed with the support of Family Lives.

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The campaign will launch on 3rd November and will run until 14th December. The activity will be regionally focussed in Wales, Scotland and in the North and West of England (where harm related to underage drinking is greatest). The campaign will consist of outdoor, radio and digital advertising, as well as advertising in doctor’s surgeries.


Tips to change your relationship with alcohol