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Change is a good thing and that’s why you’ve made the decision to cut back on the alcohol you drink. Our tips and advice on cutting back and staying on track will help you on the way, as will our drink tracking tool MyDrinkaware. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to experience the benefits.

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Is your drinking affecting your health?

Use our 7-day unit & calorie calculator to work out your weekly alcohol consumption and find out the potential impact of your drinking.

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My Drinkaware

See how alcohol is affecting your health, weight and finances and get simple tips to manage your drinking. MyDrinkaware is totally free and can support you to cut down your drinking.

What you can do when you sign up

  • 1. Find out how much you are drinking

    See how many units and calories are in your drinks and what effect it may be having on your health.

  • 2. Track your drinking over time

    Get personalised feedback, hints and tips.

  • 3. Get help to cut down

    Set personal goals to help you reduce your drinking.
    You set the goal, MyDrinkaware helps you reach it.


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    If you're considering drinking less alcohol, these facts could be what encourage you to take that step.

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  • Did you know?

    Alcoholic liver disease accounts for well over a third (37%) of liver disease deaths

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    Drinkaware: Track and Calculate Units App

    Track and reduce your alcohol units

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