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It's likely that what you do know about alcohol is based on what you’ve heard or experienced, but how much of that is fact and how much is myth? We’ve worked with our panel of experts to produce a range of alcohol information and advice. So whether you want to know about the impact alcohol can have on your health or the effect of underage drinking on your children, it’s all here.

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  • Effects on the body
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    Alcohol and energy drinks

    The short and long term effects of combining alcohol and energy drinks.

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  • Types of alcohol Used for graphical purposes Units and calories in lager Units and calories in lager

    Units and calories in lager

    Get the facts on tap about exactly what goes into your lager

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  • Did you know?

    Every year alcohol causes around 4% of cancer cases in the UK, about 12,500 cases

    Alcohol and cancer
  • What is alcohol? Used for graphical purposes What is a unit of alcohol video What is an alcohol unit?

    What is an alcohol unit?

    Our guide gives you the facts and advice on alcohol units and measures.

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  • Effects on your safety Used for graphical purposes You wouldn't sober, you shouldn't drunk Watch our Wouldn't Shouldn't film now

    Watch our Wouldn't Shouldn't film now

    Let's put an end to sexual harassment on a night out

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